The New PBF FLANGER by ADA is pedal board friendly with new features. Here’s our new, smaller PBF (Pedal Board Friendly) FLANGER from ADA - the same design as the original award-winning all-analog ADA Flangers from the late 1970s in a “Hammond-1590B-size” enclosure (4.5” x 2.5” x 1.5” LxWxH).

New features added to the world’s best Flanger:

The PBF Flanger has the same sound, feel and retro look as the original “big box” ADA Flangers, but is capable of a wider range of subtle to extreme modulation effects. The PBF can go into self-oscillation and sound like a Theremin, create light to deep chorusing, provide machine-gun vibratos, or “float” your sound with an ultra slow 35 second sweep. The VOLTAGE CONTROL jack can be used with an expression pedal or a voltage to CONTROL the MANUAL function remotely.

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