The cleanest our workbench has ever been...

"I can't believe that you did what you did for me with respect to a 30 year old product. You guys definitely have gone above and beyond and I swear, I'm gonna tell this story to musicians until the day I die. I've never seen product support of such magnitude.

You guys really are amazing and service of this magnitude deserves to be rewarded. "

"Got my old Flanger back today in fine shape. Don't think she has ever sounded like this--in a VERY GOOD way! Thanks for the fine job on the repair! Many thanks for the pro job you do! Take it easy gentleman & thanks so much!!!"



Technical Support

  1. What are some quick tests to troubleshoot my unit?

Sometimes a few quick tests at home can be the difference between thinking your unit is broken and getting it working properly. Here is a list of quick trouble-shooting steps to test your gear and unit.  As basic as these sound please run all the tests.

    1. Check simple signal chain: Plug your cable from your guitar into your amp. If you have a direct connect tone go to step 2.  If not you have a bad cable, guitar or amp.
    2. Check 2nd cable: Take your #2 cable and switch it with the first cable.  If you have sound, we now know both cables, your guitar and amp, work.
    3. Check power: Plug your amp into the same outlet that you’re using to power your A/DA product. If the amp turns on, then the outlet works. If not try another outlet to power your unit.
    4. Check native A/DA Signal Chain: Plug the #1 cable from your guitar into your A/DA product (input). Plug the #2 cable between your A/DA product (output) and into your amp. Make sure the A/DA is plugged into a working power source. DO NOT insert it in a pedal chain, i.e., do not introduce any other pedals into the signal chain.  If your A/DA product works, your pedal chain most likely has a problem.  If you hear nothing, then their may be a problem with your individual unit.  Please see the FAQ on how to get an RA number.

  1. What do I do if my product is not working?

If your product is not working we STRONGLY suggest that you run a series of quick tests to troubleshoot the unit (see above). They may sound very basic, but it can save you time in getting your unit working and you back to playing. If you are an international (non-USA) customer, you must contact your local dealer and/or your national distributor for repair.  If you are in the USA and the unit truly does not work, email to get a Return Authorization (RA) number from us.

  1. What do I do after receiving my RA number?

You will need to box your unit, write your Return Authorization (RA) number on the outside of the shipping box in a large bold lettering, and send it to the address supplied with the RA you received from us.  You are responsible for shipping to and from A/DA, so please track and insure your parcels.  A/DA cannot be held responsible for parcels that are lost or damaged in the shipping process.  A/DA cannot accept your shipment if there is no RA number written on the outside of the box.