PBF Flanger vs Chorus Comparison

PBF Flanger Used As A Tremolo

PBF Flanger Demo by Simon Gotthelf

The New ADA FLANGER is pedal board friendly.

Here’s our new, smaller (Pedal Board Friendly) FLANGER from ADA - the same design as the original award-winning all-analog ADA Flangers from the late 1970s in a “Hammond-1590B-size” enclosure.

New features added to the world’s best Flanger:

The tone and depth of the ADA PBF Flanger is unique and powerful as well as rich and warm.  You can easily dial-in auto whammy, chorus, vibrato and de-tune modulations.  The Flanger works with all ADA CONTROL PEDALs and most other expression pedals -- or directly control the SWEEP with an external voltage.  

Made in California, and powered by standard 9 to 12 volt DC pedal board power supplies at 150mA. 

Please visit our website or our Facebook page at: www.adaamps.com and  www.facebook.com/ADARocks .

The PBF FLANGER is also “wallet friendly” at $179.95.