MP-1-CHANNEL Demo by Simon Gotthelf

MP-1-CHANNEL 'Nuno' Tone Test

MP-1-CHANNEL Direct Recording

Features and some specs

The new ADA MP-1-CHANNEL pedal clones the classic tone of the original MP-1 rack mount guitar preamp

The MP-1 Clone
Imagine having the classic ADA MP-1 tone available on your pedal board. The new ADA MP-1-CHANNEL is a pedal version of the renowned MP-1 rack mount guitar preamp. The MP-1-CHANNEL employs the 4-stage vacuum tube design taken from our ground breaking MP-1 MIDI TUBE PREAMP to achieve the same rich tone that made it the staple for most of the touring bands in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The small package, a 12-volt power requirement and a true bypass switch make the MP-1-CHANNEL easy to integrate into your pedal board system.

The MP-1-CHANNEL’s pair of hand-selected, high-gain, low-noise 12AX7A vacuum tubes run at 270 volts to produce all the sound of the original preamp that caught everyone’s attention – from players to listeners.


Former MP-1 Guitarists
Paul Gilbert, Kirk Hammett, Vito Bratta, Jamie Glaser, Bill Connors, Wayne Johnson, Dave Mason, Bruce Bouillet, Vernon Reid, Steve Bertek – just to name a few – created their unique tone with the MP-1. Now you can do it with the MP-1-CHANNEL too.

Put the warm sound of tubes on your digital tracks
The MP-1-CHANNEL, when connected to our GCS series of guitar cabinet simulators, becomes an incredibly versatile and easy-to-use all-analog direct recording preamplifier with cabinet simulation.

Take a listen or plug in now
In short, we’ve shrunk the package, but kept the tone. Check one of the many online videos or visit an ADA Dealer to hear how good a pair of tubes can make you sound.